Installation & Setup
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Check the TelePost Inc. website for the latest version of LP-Rotor at Select Downloads, then Download and save it to a temporary directory, like /Temp. Unzip the file and save the resulting files in a convenient permanent directory for future reference.

Run the Setup.exe file, and you will see the LP-Rotor setup wizard. Follow the instructions, and LP-Rotor will be installed in the LP-Rotor directory of your Program Files directory. If you don't want to use the default settings, you can enter a path where you would like LP-Rotor installed. Additional files required by LP-Rotor will be installed in your Windows/System32 or WINNT/System32 directory, depending on your operating system.

NOTE: If you are installing a newer version on a machine with an older version, you must first remove the old version using Add/Remove Programs in the Windows Control Panel.



Click on the "Setup" menu choice, and the following display window will open. Setup is as easy as selecting the correct Com Port, determining whether your rotator is reverse mounted (ie., South centered instead of North), and whether you need an offset due to antenna mounting errors, slippage or 90 degree offset mounting of stacked antennas.

Check the "Reverse Mounted" box if your antenna is reverse mounted, and enter an appropriate "Offset" if required. Values can be entered either plus or minus from normal correct headings . NOTE: If you set the "e3" jumper on the RotorCard interface to compensate for "South Centered" operation, you will not need to set "Reverse Mount" in LP-Rotor.

The OverLap color region in the display can be hidden if your rotor doesn't support the overlap function...or if you just prefer not to see it. For rotors with the feature, the color indicator helps by showing when you are in the region where the rotor will take a shortcut to the heading.

Sample Rate determines the polling interval for reading current position. When first installed, it defaults to 1 second, but can be set for anywhere between 100 ms and 2 seconds.


The background color of the display can be changed, as well as the color of the "OverLap" area. Clicking on either "Set Color" button will open up a standard Windows Color Dialog window where you can select, or create any color you desire.


Clicking OK in the Color Dialog window will change the defualt color to the new selection. When you exit the Setup window these new colors will be saved. The new colors will remain in effect until you change them at a future date.

All settings will be saved so that the next time LP-Rotor is launched it will use the new settings. NOTE: Even though the new settings are accepted immediately, occasionally LP-Rotor may have to be restarted for position sampling to resume.

If you plan to use the LP-Rotor DDE feature with programs that support it, please refer to the Operation section for further information on setting DDE settings in other programs.