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LP-Rotor 2.0 is a standalone freeware rotator control program for use with Microsoft Windows. LP-Rotor should work with all versions of Windows from Windows 95 forward. It is designed to be used with the Hy-Gain DCU-1 or RotorEZ interfaces for Hy-Gain rotators, or the RotorCard interface for Yaesu rotators. For more information on RotorCard or RotorEZ, please see

LP-Rotor provides a high resolution display that continuously shows antenna position, and allows for four different ways to enter preset position data, including a slider bar, point/click/drag to heading with the mouse, direct keyboard entry which allows for easy entry for handicapped Hams, and DDE linking to the very nice rig-control/logging program TRX-Manager from F6DEX (
). LP-Rotor provides for reverse antenna mounting, and offset adjustment for mounting errors or 90 degree mounting of stacked antennas. It also displays the overlap region on rotators that support overlap. The colored "overlap" region shifts in response to reverse mount and offset adjustment values to properly indicate the actual overlap region.

DDE linking allows simultaneous use of LP-Rotor and TRX-Manager. In the future it is hoped that other programs that provide rotator control through DDE will add LP-Rotor as an option. Any program that supports the ARSWIN rotator interface from EA4TX should also be able to control LP-Rotor with minor changes to the program. LP-Rotor allows owners of rotators that use the DCU-1 or RotorCard interfaces to simultaneously use a number of different control programs, while providing a common graphic rotor panel. Note: LP-Rotor is NOT a rotator interface, it is simply a control panel that provides a nice way to control Hy-Gain and Yaesu rotators through the DCU-1 and RotorCard interfaces.

The author originally wrote LP-Rotor to allow both independent control of a Yaesu G-1000 SDX rotator, and also to allow operation with TRX-Manager. Setup instructions are provided in the Operation section for using LP-Rotor with TRX-Manager.