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LP-500 Gallery
Pictures and details of customer installations.

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LP-500 & LP-700 at N8LP

This picture shows the relative sizes of the LP-500 & LP-700 in comparison to other familiar pieces of equipment.
The LP-500 displays a freeze frame of CW keying waveform. The LP-700 displays a freeze frame of SSB envelope.
Not shown are AL-811 amplifier, PC and monitor.
N8LP station includes...
LP-500 at N5QVF


N5QVF station includes...

LP-500 at N4FN


N4FN station includes...
LP-700 at W6OPO


W6OPO station includes...
LP-700 at F5VJC


F5VJC station includes...
  • Elecraft K Line: K3, P3, KPA500, KAT500
  • LP-100A Digital Vector RF Wattmeter
  • LP-700 Station Monitor
  • LP-Pan with NaP3, Log4OM and N1MM+
Standby equipment is Kenwood TS590SG with Softrock RXII to drive Spectrum display with HDSDR.


LP-500 at DK3HV

DK3HV station includes...
  • Kenwood TS-990S
  • Yaesu FTdx5000
  • Yeasu FT-2000
  • Icom 7100
  • LP-500 Station Monitor
  • Acom 2000A
  • Expert 2K
  • SteppIR DB18 Dreambeam
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