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LP-PAN / LP-PAN 2 Panadapter
High performance IF based SDR
Available for Elecraft K2*, K3  and K3S, Yaesu FT-950/2000**, Yaesu FTdx3000/5000, TenTec Orion* & Eagle* + Argonaut 539*, Kenwood with 8.83 MHz IF output jack for SM-220/230 (TS-830,850,870,940,950).*

LP-PAN 2 integrates well with a number of excellent free SDR programs including NaP3, PowerSDR/IF, HDSDR and TRX-PAN. In addition, it is also well supported in Tom, VA2FSQ's Win4K3 and Win4Yaesu programs. With NaP3 and Tom's programs, spots can be displayed in the pan window, and Tom's programs also support the nifty new Spectrum Display in the N1MM Contest Logger, which is free. Refer to the bottom of this page for links to various SDR programs.

Important: See our dongle comparison page for important information regarding the limited dynamic range of popular dongle based panadapters like SDRPlay.

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Gallery of LP-PAN Installations


 Visit Product Review page for LP-PAN.

February 2009 QST Product Review of LP-PAN.
Reprinted with permission of ARRL.

Installation, Setup and Operation of LP-PAN and Supporting Software

Legacy Assembly Manuals

Useful Links (FAQ, sound card info, user group, etc.)

Detailed Specs, Performance Measurements, etc.

SDR Software for use with LP-PAN

P3SVGA vs. LP-PAN / NaP3 Comparison

Preamp Kit for original LP-PAN...
LP-PAN Preamp  kit is available for original LP-PAN to improve weak signal display. The preamp is recommended for use with Yaesu FT-950/2000 and K3 (especially when used in conjunction with P3). It's use is optional for Kenwood and Yaesu FTdx5000. The noise floor improvement with FT-950/2000 and K3 is approximately 8dB, and with FTdx5000 it is 3-4dB. See Preamp page for ordering details.

 *K2 and Orion require rig modification to add IF output port. See links for details. First-run Eagles require TenTec factory installed IF output jack. Recent Eagles come with the jack. Argonauts require a factory IF jack kit which includes a connector and cable to plug into the TX/RX board. TS-830S does not have CAT control. N4PY or HRD is required for CAT control of Orion/Eagle. ** FT-950/2000 requires 3rd party interface board.

Ordering LP-PAN 2:

The current price is $250USD. 


LP-Preamp kits for retrofitting into older LP-PANs are in stock and can be ordered on the LP-PAN Preamp page, here. Note: The preamp is not required with LP-PAN 2, which has one built in.

Software for use with LP-PAN is available from several sources. Most is free.

WARNING: Before ordering, it is recommended that you read the Installation Guide and its links.  A working knowledge of computers is MANDATORY for successful installation and set up of this product.  This includes the ability to download and install software, install and configure sound card drivers and some familiarity with Windows components such as Device Manager, Task Manager and Windows Mixer. Before ordering the LP-PAN 2 hardware, it is a good idea to download and install the software (which is free) and get it configured to at least talk to the rig via the CAT interface and produce noise from your built in sound card.

Use the following steps to order LP-PAN 2.

1) Select Shipping Option in the first pulldown menu below, based on your geographical region. Select Rig Type, then click Add to Cart. This will take you to the PayPal cart to verify that the LP-PAN is added to the cart.  NOTE: For overseas delivery, Express Mail is faster and provides tracking to almost all destinations, but costs more.
Email us for expedited shipping via Fedex.

2) Complete PayPal Check Out to complete your order. You can use a credit card or PayPal balance as the funding source for your purchase. You don't need to have a PayPal account. Just choose "Check Out" or "Check Out with PayPal" to complete your transaction.

If you are ordering with two crystals, please contact us by email with the rig information for the 2nd rig.

Note: APO, FPO: Select USPS Priority Mail service for shipping (and thanks for your service).
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Note: Argonaut 539 requires TenTec factory IF output jack kit, Orion requires user modification.

After ordering, you will receive an immediate confirmation from PayPal, and a confirmation from TelePost within a few hours. If you don't receive a confirmation from TelePost, please email us to make sure that your order was received by us. If you don't receive these confirmations, you might also check your spam folder for the messages.

Payment can also be made by credit card at 734-455-3716, or regular mail at:
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NOTE: PayPal orders are processed immediately, even if shipment is a few weeks away. Credit card orders placed by phone won't be processed until shipment is imminent. 

LP-PAN Manual:  (scroll down for LP-PAN 2 manual)

Manual for serial numbers 1-207

Manual for serial numbers 208 -308

Manual for serial numbers 309 - 513

Manual for serial numbers 514 -799

Assembly Manual for serial numbers 800 +

Note: Older manuals should only be used for assembly of older kits. Once finished, the current manual should be used for setup and operation.

Current LP-PAN High Resolution schematic

LP-PAN 2 Manual: 

Assembly Manual for LP-PAN 2

Useful Links:

LP-PAN FAQ Important reading to address just what the LP-PAN can and can't do.

LP-PAN User Group: Join for latest news, feedback, support, etc. This is the preferred place to post questions and comments on LP-PAN. Below are the links for subscribing and using the user group...
System Requirements Recommended minimum PC hardware configurations.

Sound Card Info Please read before deciding on a sound card.

K3 Buffer Mod Simple mod that improves noise floor of panadapter display by reducing loss in the K3 IF output. Not required except for very early K3s. The link takes you the Files section of the LP-PAN User Group. Elecraft offers a mod kit very similar to this as well, which is incorporated into current production K3s.

Z10000 buffer kit from Clifton Laboratories (Jack, K8ZOA) to add an IF port to the K2 and Orion.

K2 Mods: You will find detailed K2 installation information in the Z10000 manual.

Orion Mods: Rick VE7TK has posted this paper on Orion modification. HRD and N4PY software also support Orion and LP-PAN. Rick also has this paper on configuring N4PY software with PowerSDR/IF v1.19.35. K2 will be fully supported in LP-Bridge soon, but currently can be controlled using HRD. Roberto, EB4EQA, has published a similar paper with some interesting differences here.

IF-2000 Interface board for FT-950/2000, manufactured by RF Space, is available from HRO. This is required to use LP-PAN with these radios. This board is a third party product, and was originally designed for use with RF Space's panadapter product. It is successfully being used by a number of LP-PAN users with excellent results. We are looking into creating a more cost effective version of the board, if demand is sufficient.

SDR Software for use with LP-PAN            

Important notice about SDR software: The LP-PAN IF decoder hardware works with almost any SDR software program... WinRad, Rocky, CW-Skimmer and various custom versions of the open source PowerSDRTM program from FlexRadio Systems. The user can use any or all of the above programs, many of which are freeware or open source.  We recommend several programs which are more tightly integrated with LP-Bridge.

Freeware from N8LP. LP-Bridge is the "glue" that ties everything together... rig, SDR app, loggers, RTTY apps, web clusters, CW Skimmer, etc. All the apps get access to the rig at the same time with a very simple to use interface. The original LP-Bridge is designed to work with the K3 and supports PowerSDR/IF, TRX-Pan and NaP3. LP-Bridge 2 (LPB2) works with the K3, Yaesu (FT-950/2000/5000) and Kenwood and supports PowerSDR/IF and NaP3.

The newest and most popular SDR for use with LP-PAN is NaP3 by Pete, F5VNB. It is freeware and based on WU2X's version of the
FlexRadio Systems PowerSDRTM software, but includes some components of PowerSDRTM 2.0.16 as well as new skins that Pete developed. The feature set includes the best features of both of the above programs, plus some unique new features. This is our recommended program.

This is a unique and popular program from Alex, VE3NEA that is used to decode an entire band of CW signals and provide call signs and clickable spots to tune your rig to each station in the band. It can be used standalone with LP-PAN or in conjunction with LP-Bridge and one of the above SDR apps. This software is not free, but is relatively low cost. Go to Alex's CW Skimmer web page for details.

This is a comprehensive rig control program for the K3 / K3S, written by Tom, VA2FSQ. In addition to rig control, it provides a very nice panadapter screen which is loaded with features, including the ability to integrate spots into the display. The software is not free, but certainly worth looking at for K3 users. The program also supports the new spectrum display in N1MM Contest Logger, which provides a pan window with spots associated with the signals, sort of like NaP3. Tom also has a Yaesu version available at

A relatively new freeware entrant is TRX-Pan from Laurent, F6DEX. It does not provide an audio output of the tuned signal, but has some very nice graphic display features for users of rigs like K3 and FTdx5000 who don't need audio output. Larry, N8LP is a software contributor to this program as well. It is less cluttered and much easier to configure than  variations of
PowerSDRTM. It interfaces to either LP-Bridge or TRX-Manager.

Latest LP-PAN Installation/Setup/Operation guide with detailed  instructions for installing and using the above programs.

NaP3 Expanded
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NaP3 Compressed
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